What’s a Security?

Simply put, a security is a financial instrument representing tangible assets such as stocks, bonds and managed real estate trusts. Instead of the transaction being signed on paper, a security token performs the same function except it confirms ownership through blockchain transactions.

What is an STO?

STOs are token offerings that minmic conventional shares and can provide investors with the same rights that shareholders have in traditional financial securities. Tokenizzation allows for a more accessible liquid and secure form of asset management.

Why are STOs so compelling for Businesses?

  1. Access to Global Capital
  2. New Ways to Market Offering
  3. Better Terms for issuers and buyers
  4. Low Cost of Entry (Fractional Ownership)
  5. Uses Beyond A Traditional Security
  6. Elimination of Middlemen
  7. Raise in Cryptocurrency
  8. 24/7 Access to Market

What is GAX?

GAX is the institutional-grade trading exchange for buying and selling regulated securities (STOs) from around the world.